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Classroom Etiquette and Expectations

Classroom Etiquette and Expectations


        Please arrive 5-10 minutes before class starts

        Please use the washroom before class

        Electronics are not to be used during class.  Please store these items in your dance bag.

        Other than water, No food, gum, candy or drinks allowed in dance studios

        Please show respect to your instructors, fellow dancers and yourselves.  Older dancers are expected to show leadership and set an example for younger dancers.

        Practice at home between classes.  Know your dance steps.

        Talk to your instructor if you do not understand what they are asking


        Parents are encouraged to become actively involved in our program.  The program depends very much on parent input.  Please consider volunteering your skills, talents and efforts; it will help make our organization successful. 

        Bring your dancer 5-10 minutes before class starts

        Regularly check email for important information.

        We are guests at our host studio.  Please help to ensure we are welcomed back by keeping relatively quiet and removing all belongings after classes are completed.


Dress Code

Our dress code enables instructors to ensure that dancers are using proper alignment and correct muscles, thereby avoiding injuries.  Please abide by these guidelines so that instructors can spend time on teaching and choreography.

        All dancers are required to have water bottles with water.  No pop or juice please.

        No jewelry or watches

        All dancers must wear a Vykrutas t-shirt to all classes and events when not in costume. Stay tuned for more information on ordering. In the meantime, if you do not have a Vykrutas shirt, please wear a plain black shirt.


        Red pleated toe ballet slippers with elastic sewn on

        Black Body Suit, or black dance shorts and Vykrutas t-shirt

        Black or skin-toned tights

        Black skirt - character/ballet wrap (optional)

        Hair up off of face and neck; ballet buns or French braids pinned up.  No loose ponytails.


        Beginner - Black leather pleated toe ballet slippers with elastic sewn on

        Junior & Senior - Black Jazz slip on shoe

        Black dance pants or tighter fitting track pants (black shorts if it is hot).

        Vykrutas t-shirt

        Hair off face