BRAVO 2024


Calgary, AB | March 2, 2024
Calgary University Theatre | 7pm

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Vykrutas Ukrainian Dance Society is pleased to bring you BRAVO! 2024, an extraordinary dance event where dance groups from across Alberta unite for a celebration of Ukrainian Dance. BRAVO! 2024 marks our fourth year organizing this event, a professional style show created to highlight up and coming dancers and to celebrate Ukrainian dance, culture, and the stories of Ukrainian people. Since its inception, the show has evolved into a fundraiser event raising a remarkable sum of over $22,000 to aid those affected by the war in Ukraine. Vykrutas continues its commitment to making BRAVO! 2024 a fundraiser for the displaced Ukrainians in Alberta, who continue to endure the devastating effects of the ongoing war in Ukraine. As proud Albertans, we stand together in solidarity to support one another.